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There’s no doubt that kitchens are an important foundation of any house; there’s a reason why they’re called the heart of our humble abodes. It has a variety of appliances and cupboards, as well as a convenient guest area that sometimes turns into a room bustling with activities. Most importantly, it is where your hearty meals (or not) for both family and guests come to life – it should come as no surprise that every homeowner wants the kitchen space to be as convenient, cozy, and attractive as possible. But if you’re finding yourself not having the ample space to chop up those ingredients, struggling to read your cookbook, not finding the storage space to organize your food, or even finding out about your 5th microwave breaking down again – then your kitchen may not be turning out to be such a humble abode.

This is where the no. 1 kitchen remodeling in St. Louis comes knocking on your doorstep. Well, at least not yet.

Suppose you’re starting to look for kitchen remodelers near you, either to build yourself a new countertop or ceiling cabinet, replace your ancient-looking appliances, or stylize the entire look and feel of your kitchen. In that case, Integrity Kitchen and Bath St. Louis is here to save you from the DIY temptation and introduce you to the best kitchen renovation services in your area. From simple tune-ups to full-scale kitchen revamping, our years of experience in the line of business, dedication to our craft, and priority for our clients’ satisfaction enable us to provide St. Louis residents quality service and in turn, makes us St. Louis’ top kitchen remodeling contractor for all your kitchen remodel needs. So, up for turning that worn-down room into the perfect kitchen space, you’ve only ever imagined in your dreams? Looking through our diverse collection of St. Louis kitchen remodeling services is the perfect first step.

Quality Kitchen Remodeling Services in St. Louis

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Floor and Tile Installation

Don’t underestimate how choosing the right flooring and walls can make or break the overall look of your kitchen. Luckily, Integrity Kitchen and Bath St. Louis can provide you with expert design recommendations that will fit your budget, your aesthetic preferences, and even the longevity of your walls and tiling. You can choose from a variety of our tile choices – from the ever-famous porcelain tiles to ceramic, hardwood, or even granite tiles – we’ll make sure to match it to the overall theme of your kitchen, while providing excellent value and quality materials from our trusted suppliers. We will not only offer expert advice in selecting the right walls and floorings for your new kitchen space – whether you want it to be sturdier, more visually appealing, or more budget-friendly (or a perfect balance of everything!) – but we will also take care of the entire installation process quickly and safely.

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Kitchen Lighting and Electrical Services

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Having the perfect lighting plays a huge part in having a nice, cozy ambiance and being comfortable working in your kitchen space (who would want to prepare dinner in the dark?) but is one of the most challenging to get right because of all the nitty-gritty tops, cabinets, and appliances. That is why we always keep a range of the best kitchen remodel lighting options depending on the layout and design of your kitchen. You can start with the classic ambient lighting from the ceiling and recessed fixtures to light up most of the kitchen space, then move to smaller, accent lightings such as under-cabinet lighting or simple desk lamps to increase the lighting on some parts of the kitchen. There are also pendants, LED downlights, and kitchen island lightings to provide more visibility in your main working areas.

Sounds like a lot? You can contact our team to get their input on the best lighting choice for you. 

St. Louis Kitchen Cabinet/Countertop Installation and Refacing

What’s a kitchen without the rows of cabinetry and the must-have countertops lining the spaces? And what’s a top-notch kitchen remodeling in St. Louis without a variety of cabinet different styles, finishes, and materials (quartz, stainless, concrete, etc.) that you can choose from? Go for the famous Shaker-style cabinet that includes flat panel doors made out of high-quality wood and a minimalistic vibe. Or if you want a more unique, modern style that comes with a slight price increase, go for the Louvered or Inset-style cabinetry that involves precise detail and craftsmanship. For cottage-style lovers, beadboard cabinetry is the perfect fit. And if you want a combination of all these designs, with added accents, colors, and patterns? You can definitely contact our designers for that sweet, personalized cabinet design, or just a budget-friendly cabinet and countertop refacing service that has just the same quality and sturdiness. 

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Sink and Plumbing Services

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Tired of clogged pipes and a worn-down sink? Our kitchen remodelers can solve that problem while working on your dream kitchen, by the way. It’s important to keep the wash area as functional and presentable as your food prep area – it’s still part of the kitchen, after all. If your sink no longer cooperates and want to re-wire all the water pipes to another location – leave it to Integrity Kitchen and Bath St. Louis to provide you with quality plumbing services and different types of sinks for replacement. One thing about us is we never leave a single corner of your kitchen untouched.


Fixtures and Appliances

Another important factor in kitchen remodels in St. Louis is the types of appliances, lighting, floorings and walls, sinks, and anything else you can lay eyes on when going to the kitchen. While laying out the needed equipment and fixtures, our team also takes into consideration the electrical wire placements. To avoid safety hazards, we make sure that sockets are far from metal and wet places while being convenient for near appliances and lighting. Having more energy-efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and long-lasting fixtures that went according to what you want is the best kind of successful design and might get you to stay in the kitchen for far longer than usual. When you hire our services, our consultants are open to giving you recommendations on what type of fixtures are perfect for your theme, cabinets that will last longer, what appliances fit your kitchen size and capacity, etc. Don’t worry – you can trust our highly trained staff to also integrate your preferences into the blueprint of your new kitchen. It’s yours, after all.

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Customized Kitchen Designs in St. Louis

If all of these aren’t enough, you can let your imagination run while picking different sets of related designs, cabinetries, and fixtures of your own accord. Mix up wooden cabinets and a marble countertop, with differently patterned tiles and floorings to match. You can choose a sleek, modern style for each kitchen renovation service, or go for a cottage style, 90’s style, or a combination of all if you prefer the chaos (we don’t recommend it though). Our team will always be available at your service to \ assist you from the initial design phase to organizing the layouts of your design and is open to listening to all your preferences to develop the perfect kitchen space. While maintaining the quality of our materials, high-level equipment, safety protocols, and expert installation skills, of course. So sit back and watch your kitchen get back to life in no time.

So, you now know about what it takes to get to that dream kitchen space – got your budget ready, did your research, and got a list of material and style preferences – but what’s next? You obviously would want to go for the best set of experts to bring those ideas into action, one that would be worth your investment and would be comfortable working with. 

It just so happens that we got the number of just the right kitchen remodeling company for you.

We at Integrity Kitchen and Bath St. Louis cares about serving only quality kitchen remodeling services in St. Louis for years now. From residential and even commercial building owners, we make sure that everyone has a kitchen space that is convenient, aesthetically pleasing, decades-lasting, and fully functional for all kitchen activities – regardless of size and capacity. Once you pick up the phone and dial our number, you are immediately viable to get access to the most reliable kitchen remodeling team of experts and services in St. Louis, with years of experience under our belts. Every client is offered our state-of-the-art materials to build their dream kitchen, starting with the initial assessment from our team on the space and theme of the house. The next step is where we work closely with our clients on their preferences, and coordinate with them on finalizing the design, styling, materials, and layout of the kitchen space. The last few steps would be a breeze of demolition and installation until the finished product – your dream kitchen – comes to life. 

So, if you’re looking forward to a refreshing look in your kitchen without the slightest hassle and quick services, then Integrity Kitchen and Bath St. Louis are the ones to call.

Integrity Kitchen and Bath of St. Louis serves the entire St. Louis metropolitan area, including University City, Ladue, Clayton, Maplewood, Richmond Heights, Olivette, Brentwood, Shrewsbury, Webster Groves, and all surrounding areas.

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