The Mission at Integrity Kitchen and Bath

Providing a Second Chance for Strong People…

Integrity Restoration is a company that specializes in home remodeling, and our commitment is to provide a second chance to those in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. We believe that every person deserves a fresh start, and as a company, we have seen the positive impact of employment in the lives of people in recovery.

Many of the individuals that we hire draw strength from their faith in Jesus Christ to sustain their recovery journey. We have observed that a support system that includes a community of faith can be crucial to helping individuals maintain sobriety and build a productive life.

If you are looking to support employees whose faith in Jesus Christ motivates them in their recovery journey, we suggest the following tips and strategies:

Create a welcoming work environment

At Integrity Restoration, we believe that an environment that is non-judgmental, supportive, and values-based is crucial. Every person should be treated with respect and dignity, and we strive to create a culture of compassion and understanding. We encourage our employees to share their struggles and difficulties with us, and we offer a listening ear and practical support whenever possible. Our goal is to foster a spirit of mutual respect and empathy, where each individual is valued for their unique contributions and strengths.

Provide access to faith-based resources

For employees who rely on their faith in Jesus Christ to sustain their recovery, we offer access to various faith-based resources and support services. These resources include:

  • Faith-based counseling: We collaborate with local faith-based counseling services that offer counseling and support.
  • Church and community events: We encourage our employees to participate in church and community events, where they can connect with others who share their faith and goal of recovery.
  • Prayer groups and Bible studies: We have prayer and Bible study groups that employees can participate in.
  • Support from faith-based recovery organizations: We collaborate with faith-based recovery organizations that provide support and resources to individuals in recovery whose faith motivates them to become better people.

By providing access to these resources, we aim to support our employees’ spiritual growth and help them build a solid foundation on their road to recovery.

Implement policies that support a faith-based approach

At Integrity Restoration, we believe it’s essential to implement policies and practices that promote a faith-based approach to recovery. These policies include:

  • Flexible scheduling: We provide flexible scheduling options for employees who need to attend church or other faith-based events.
  • Time off for religious holidays: We provide time off for employees who need to observe religious holidays or attend religious events.
  • Encouragement of faith-based practices: We encourage employees to engage in faith-based practices, such as prayer, meditation, or other spiritual practices, to support their recovery journey.
  • Respect for employees’ religious beliefs: We respect our employees’ religious beliefs and strive to accommodate their needs whenever possible.

By implementing these policies and practices, we intend to create a work environment that supports our employees’ faith-based approach to recovery.

Encourage communication and feedback

Finally, at Integrity Restoration, we believe that being open to communication and feedback from our employees is crucial. We encourage our employees to share their experiences and concerns with us, and we seek to make adjustments or accommodations as needed to support their journey.

We also seek to build strong relationships with our employees, based on trust, respect, and compassion. Our goal is to create a workplace that supports them and helps them build a successful life in sobriety.