Expert Kitchen Remodeling in St. Louis


Our kitchen and bath remodel team is ready to serve you and build you the bathroom or kitchen of your dreams.  So if you are looking for a kitchen remodeler near you, look no further in the St. Louis area.  Integrity Kitchen and Bath of St. Louis wants to be your favorite remodel team in St. Louis.

Call us today to schedule a free, no-hassle estimate.  We will work with you to find the kitchen or bath remodel that meets your needs and budget.  From high end finishes to budget friendly style, Integrity will exceed your expectations and then some.  Kitchen remodeling is our passion.  We handle all aspects of kitchen renovation including cabinets, flooring, counter-tops, and all kitchen appliances.  Bath remodeling, yeah we are pretty good at that too.  We install bathtubs, flooring, vanities, and bathroom appliances of all shapes and sizes.

We serve the entire St. Louis area including Brentwood, Clayton, University City, Olivette, Ladue, Richmond Heights, Shrewsbury, Maplewood, and more…

St. Louis Kitchen Remodeling

Let your imagination run wild and let us help you design the kitchen of your dreams.  Our kitchen remodeling team can take your old, worn-out kitchen, and turn it into the envy of all your friends and family.  From large scale renovations to something as simple as updating your kitchen flooring, Integrity Kitchen and Bath of St. Louis has the answer.  Our years of experience in the St. Louis area, has enabled us to become one of the premier kitchen and bath remodeling companies in the state of Missouri.  Our design team is capable of installing a kitchen that will look great and stand the test of time.  We want to leave you with a kitchen that is not only beautiful, but efficient, modern, and up to your standards. 

When it comes to kitchen design, we know all of the latest trends and materials.  We will work within your budget but will not compromise on quality when it comes to your kitchen.  Do you know exactly what type of countertops you want installed?  Great!  Do you not have a clue?  Well we do!  Our kitchen renovation team can suggest fantastic products, including countertops, flooring, and appliances that will hold up no matter what you throw at them.  Our kitchens are built to last. 

St. Louis Bathroom Remodeling

At Integrity Kitchen and Bath of St. Louis, bathroom installs are one of our specialties…obviously.  We know you and your family spends a lot of time in the bathroom.  So why spend all that time in a bathroom that is outdated and falling apart?  Let us build you an oasis that you won’t want to leave…no matter how hard the kids are banging on the bathroom door.  From clawfoot soaking tubs to cascading vanity sinks, there is no limit when it comes to what we can design and install for you.  Want a huge, walk-in shower?  We can do that.  Just need us to replace your old bathtub?  We will do that too.  We handle bathroom remodels of all shapes and sizes.


Our bathroom design team will work hand in hand with you and build a bathroom that looks great and works for you and your family.  On a tight budget?  Who isn’t these days.  We will find high quality materials that will fit within your budget.  You don’t have to break the bank to have a bathroom that you enjoy.  Call us today to set up a free consultation.  That’s right.  We will come to your house, evaluate your current bathroom, and provide you with a free, no-hassle quote based on your needs and budget.  Integrity Kitchen and Bath of St. Louis is ready to handle your bathroom renovation project!

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Customized Kitchen Designs in St. Louis

When you hire Integrity Kitchen and Bath of St. Louis, you can let your imagination run wild while picking different sets of related designs, cabinetries, and fixtures of your own accord. Mix up wooden cabinets and a marble countertop, with differently patterned tiles and floorings to match. You can choose a sleek, modern style for each kitchen renovation service, or go for a cottage style, 90’s style, or a combination of all if you prefer the chaos (we don’t recommend it though). Our team will always be available at your service to \ assist you from the initial design phase to organizing the layouts of your design and is open to listening to all your preferences to develop the perfect kitchen space. While maintaining the quality of our materials, high-level equipment, safety protocols, and expert installation skills, of course. So sit back and watch your kitchen get back to life in no time.

So, you now know about what it takes to get to that dream kitchen space – got your budget ready, did your research, and got a list of material and style preferences – but what’s next? You obviously would want to go for the best set of experts to bring those ideas into action, one that would be worth your investment and would be comfortable working with. 

It just so happens that we got the number of just the right kitchen remodeling company for you.

We at Integrity Kitchen and Bath St. Louis cares about serving only quality kitchen remodeling services in St. Louis for years now. From residential and even commercial building owners, we make sure that everyone has a kitchen space that is convenient, aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting, and fully functional for all kitchen activities – regardless of size and capacity. Once you pick up the phone and dial our number, you are immediately viable to get access to the most reliable kitchen remodeling team of experts and services in St. Louis, with years of experience under our belts. Every client is offered our state-of-the-art materials to build their dream kitchen, starting with the initial assessment from our team on the space and theme of the house. The next step is where we work closely with our clients on their preferences, and coordinate with them on finalizing the design, styling, materials, and layout of the kitchen space. The last few steps would be a breeze of demolition and installation until the finished product – your dream kitchen – comes to life. 

So, if you’re looking forward to a refreshing look in your kitchen without the slightest hassle and quick services, then Integrity Kitchen and Bath St. Louis are the ones to call.

Serving all areas of St. Louis including University City, Clayton, Brentwood, Ladue, Maplewood, Richmond Heights, Shrewsbury, Olivette, Creve Couer, and many more!

Our Misison at Integrity Kitchen and Bath of St. Louis

At Integrity Kitchen and Bath of St. Louis, we are about more than just beautiful kitchen and bath remodels.  We believe in second chances.  Click below to read more about Integrity’s mission to have a meaningful impact on our employees’ lives through support and strong faith.