Bathroom Remodeling Service

Bathrooms are the primary place to be when it comes to staying on top of your hygiene and enjoying a nice, relaxing bath – it’s no surprise why it’s considered one of the most vital areas inside every home and even in commercial structures. But if you’re here, it’s either one of two things: (1) The bi-weekly clean-up is just not cutting it and you want the molds, cracks, and broken-down utilities gone ASAP (2) You just feel like your bathroom deserves an upgrade from simple tiles to the kind of design and technology that you’ve always dreamed of. Or perhaps both.

Whatever the case, you won’t go wrong with a professional bath remodeling in St. Louis.

Bath remodeling isn’t as uncommon as you might think. If your bathroom walls and floorings start chipping away, you’re running out of storage space, and your sinks and showers stop working properly, then a full-scale renovation is actually more effective and cost-efficient than DIY-ing your way through one problem at a time. And besides,, who wouldn’t want to pass up the chance to have your dream bathroom turn into reality? Today is your lucky day then, St. Louis resident! Turning your bathrooms from nothing to one of your most prized investments is just right up Integrity Kitchen and Bath St. Louis’ alley. 

When it comes to tiles and flooring replacements, plumbing system upgrades, cabinets, and countertops installations, up until the tiniest design customization you prefer, you can rely on our experienced team to always strive to go beyond the expectations of each of our clients, while staying in line with your budget and preferences. We got the commercial-grade equipment, quality materials, the expert skills of our planners and builders, and the passion for staying consistent with our highly rated bathroom renovation designs and customer satisfaction that comes along with the package. All that’s left is that one quick phone call anytime, and anywhere in St. Louis, MO area including Brentwood, Clayton, University City, Olivette, Ladue, Richmond Heights, Shrewsbury, Maplewood, and more…

Quality Bath Remodeling Services in St. Louis

Integrity Kitchen and Bath of St. Louis offers a huge catalog of services available for your remodeling needs of all shapes and sizes. Our project design and planning team is ready to work hand-in-hand with you to organize all your preferred layouts and materials, while also providing expert recommendations to meet quality and your budget. Meanwhile, our team of on-the-dot bath remodelers carries our top-of-the-line equipment and expertise to ensure your safety and transform your bathroom in a blink of an eye (not literally, though). As part of our bath remodel St. Louis specialties, feel free to look through our offers to kickstart that bath transformation.

Bath and Wall Tile Replacement

Don’t be too shy to have your tiles and walls in on your bath renovating shenanigans – it not only has a huge role to play when it comes to the overall aesthetic, but it also adds immense value to your property and might even serve a function or two inside. Integrity has different types of tiling and flooring materials to choose from: porcelain, glass, marble, ceramic – you name it! We never miss out on tile choices, so you won’t have to worry about missing out on your preferred aesthetics. In addition, we accommodate different styles, paint colors, patterns, and decorative accents to spruce up your bathroom renovation planning and customize it in your own way. So, take your pick and leave the heavy demolishing, lay-outing, and installation up to the capable hands of our bathroom remodelers.

bathroom tile

St. Louis Bathroom Showers, Toilets, and Bathtub Installation and Replacement

shower installation

You’d know that you need some heavy upgrading and remodeling when even your toilets, sinks, and bathtub are decades old and close to seeing the end of their terms. They are the most important parts of your bathroom, so we make sure to offer our clients both a range of options and state-of-the-art brands of products to make room for both designs and long-lasting, quality renovations. Whether it be a new shower technology, a newly installed bathtub, and even a customized sink – our planning and designing team will surely give this priority when it comes to the bath remodeling blueprint. Prefer a simple tub for a casual dip, or a deep, whirlpool tub for the long cozy baths? Probably an alcove bathtub for smaller spaces? You may even opt for a porcelain-enameled cast iron material for a sturdier, long-lasting tub. Whatever the case, we’ll make sure to give you recommendations depending on your bathroom space and floor capacity so they could fit comfortably and give you the most relaxing showers.


Cabinet Installations and Refacing

Having an ample storage area (a pleasant-looking one that will match your bathroom’s color scheme, too!) is helpful when it comes to organizing bathroom items. And they come in different types of surfaces too, such as wood or quartz.

Of course, we won’t forget that bathrooms are also storage space to organize your hygiene essentials and even the most random knick-knacks – we’ve got you covered. Our stock of cabinetries and cupboards come in all shapes and sizes, so no worries about having a small bathroom space. Trust our layout and design team to work it out for you. Aside from looking at its functionalities, you are free to choose a number of designs to fit your bath remodeling styles and color schemes; from wood surfaces to a fancier marble and quartz design, our quality materials are sure to give you the best designed and sturdier exteriors for your storage spaces.

If you already have one installed and want a more budget-friendly alternative, then you may choose to go with our cabinet refacing surfaces to simply replace the doors and exterior design of your existing storage. Either way, our goal to provide you with the best options and quality installation service remains the same.

bathroom cabinets st. louis

Bathroom Fixtures, Lightings, and Electrical

bathroom lighting st. louis

Take your St. Louis bath remodeling to the next level by installing different aesthetically pleasing fixtures to brighten up your bathroom space. You can never go wrong with simple lightning wall fixtures, but if you have the budget to spare, a luxurious bathroom, and guests to impress, then perhaps you’d like a huge chandelier in your ceiling along with your bath remodeling package? You can even go wild with ideas such as an interior sound system, top-of-the-line water heaters, and different lighting. Our trained builders will handle all the complicated wiring and plumbing so you can be free to choose different designs and styling to be placed anywhere in your bathroom space.

Customized Bathroom Renovation Designs St. Louis

If you believe that any material or layouts need to be changed, our team is completely open to your suggestions – after all, it is your bathroom. We provide 24/7 assistance and accommodation to your unique designs as well as ideas on how to integrate them into your already existing (or not) bathroom spaces. Thanks to our trustworthy suppliers and manufacturers, they’re all high-quality, long-lasting, and appealing to the eye.

Who says your bathroom can’t be as stylish and grand as any of your other rooms? With the right tiles, flooring, utilities, and fixtures, you can come up with the most well-designed, functional, and budget-friendly space. And Integrity Kitchen and Bath St. Louis is sure to make it happen for you in the simplest of steps: we first assess the current state of your bathroom spaces, measure their size and capacity, and list down the essentials that your bathroom would need. The next step is all about our clients – noting down the resulting theme and aesthetic they would go for, the type of utilities and extra additions they prefer, and overall having a firm hand in the design and layout of the bathroom space, all while receiving recommendations from our experienced design team. Lastly, we whip up all our commercial-grade equipment and start the installation and assembling process and let the best bathroom remodelers in St. Louis do the work.

With our excellent bathroom remodeling in St. Louis, what else is there to look for? If you’re around the St. Louis area, then the solution to all your bathroom problems is here waving at you. Once you hire our services, we’ll put everything on the line to make sure you have the bathroom of your dreams turned into reality – including our expert team, quality materials, heavy-duty equipment, customer satisfaction rate, and your peace of mind. Integrity Kitchen and Bath St. Louis will make sure that your phone call is the best decision you’ll ever make.